Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey, I've got an idea!

So I was standing in the shower the other day (ain't that an image? Trust me, it's an image worth imagining...) and I thought to myself:

-hey, you know what would be fun?

-sneaking around at night and painting people's front steps outlandish colours?

-well, yeah, but also... a blog about scotch!

-I'm listening...

-well, that label collection is really growing, and that's cool and all, but there's so much that's missing

-like what?

-well, like all the stories about how that whisky ended up in the cupboard and what I ended up doing before, during an after consuming it, for example...

-you want to tell the world all that?!

-sure!  why not?

-even about the time that--

-okay, well it doesn't have to be every little detail....

-fair enough.  Alright.  Sure.  Sounds fun.  Let's do it!

-that's that, then.  Want to sit down with a drink and think out the details?

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