Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whiskey for the in-laws: Famous Grouse

I've already told you about my in-laws enjoyment of highly-diluted scotch.  Fortunately, they don't see any sense in doing that to good scotch.  So, we didn't buy good scotch for their visit.  I send my hubby to the liquor store with instructions to get some less-expensive scotch.  I have to give the man credit: he knows how to read price tags.  I was expecting the lowest-priced single malt.  He brought home Famous Grouse, which I promised to review in detail for you.  And so continues our investigation of the blended whiskey market.

Smelling this dram, I tried really hard to give credit beyond my initial impression.  It does smell pretty strongly medicinal, but I think now that the dominant smell is apples.  I have occasionally thought that apple juice smells a bit like urine, so maybe this is why I jotted down "toasted piss" when I had the taste test session.

On the palate, apples continue to dominate, and it's still medicinal.  It's a tad creamy.

The finish is the best part:  there really isn't any.

I tried a splash of water in it.  The dilution brought out a certain woodiness and a touch of butterscotch, but it didn't reduce the medicinal taste by much, if any.

I wouldn't buy this again.  There are better cheap blends.

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