Monday, July 2, 2012

The last half-inch, part 2: Dun Bheagan Rosebank 20 year old

I was able to obtain a little less than an ounce of this dram after a whiskey tasting I attended a while ago.  I'd been waiting for a day when I could sit quietly and really appreciate it (and take notes for a blog entry).  I didn't have much to work with, and I was sure not going to spend $230 on a new bottle -- not without a really super special occasion to help justify the expense.

However, if I did have a really special occasion to help justify such a purpose, I'd seriously consider this scotch.  It really is a treat.  I like a bouquet of flowers as much as the next girl, but I really melt when those flowers come as scent molecules escaping from a glass of light-straw coloured scotch in a crystal glass.

It's bottled at 46% and so it a bit more "warming" than I might like at bottle strength, but it's still plenty drinkable.  I found it quite peppery and gingery, not entirely unlike good pfefferneuse cookies.  There's a hit of saltiness, and some gentle smoke and peat hiding underneath.  This is a complex dram:  the heat and the dark tones are balanced by cheery bright tones like fresh wood and mild citrus (lemons?) with a hint of sweetness reminiscent of butterscotch or meringue.

A few drops of water took some of the heat out and let the peat and smoky low-notes and the bright clean high-notes come through with more pizazz.  The dilution didn't disturb the beautiful long finish.

Whiskey Girl's overall advice?  Skip the florist -- head to the liquor store.

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